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By J.R. Dalton
Usually I write about life, relationships, and money saving tips, but I wanted to share something a little different this week that I think will be useful. For Christmas, my girlfriend’s aunt baked peanut-butter cookies each with a red M&M in the center for a nose, two chocolate chips for eyes, and two chocolate covered pretzels as antlers, to complete some Rudolph styled desserts for the kids. It didn’t take a whole lot, yet the presentation was awesome and the kids had fun chomping into Rudolph. All the aunts, moms, and my girlfriend asked where she got the idea for “such a cute dessert”. She said that her daughter-in-law in Chicago had pointed her to, that she got hooked and had been using this website to come up with creative snacks and dishes for her family.
Pinterest – is a hobby themed social networking site that uses a feed-based layout sorted by genres called “pins”. It offers tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for project ideas and creative foods. So if you want to know how to wow your friends at the next tailgate party that you host or you’re a guy who just wants to show, let’s call it surprise, your significant other with a dinner for two that looks like you brought Ruth Chris’ home, check out
Pinterest, in a nutshell, is a place where people can collaborate experiences from their hobbies (i.e. entertaining the family at Christmas) and help others by presenting those ideas in an easy to use photo feed. This site also has an “app” in the iPhone marketplace, making it simple to upload snapshots of each step in your culinary creation up to the finish product. Pinterest is not limited to just cooking but has pins for a broad array of other topics such as: gardening, fitness, home décor, photography, travel, technology, art, and beauty.  Having all those ideas in one place makes coming up with something cute and different for parties easy. So if you have an iPhone of any sort, go download Pinterest from the “Store” app today.

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