“What is the Gospel?” Bible Study at Central Bible Church

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The class is called "What is the Gospel?" and will be starting February 12th and lasting 10 weeks at Central Bible Church. 

There are many programs out there to help Christians be able to share their faith. I personally have been a part of the several. What I've found, however, is that these courses stay at a very surface level in their teaching on the gospel. With today's skeptic and informed "common man," the questions and doubts that are raised can be deeper than many Christians are prepared to discuss. 

Very few of these questions are new to the discussion. Christians have wrestled with them for centuries: What is salvation? Do I have free will? How do we understand the difficult terms of the Bible such as, predestination,  election, and foreknowledge while also holding to man's responsibility to believe, trust, and repent? Will all be saved? Is Jesus the only way? What am I being saved to? What does a "saved" person look like? What is God's plan for the future?

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will look at the Bible and Church History to see the major views on these issues and how both Scripture and our History has understood the teachings of Scripture.

Central Bible Church will offer this class starting Feb 12, at 6:30pm for anyone interested. We are offering the course for free and only ask that you email the church at to let us know if you will be taking the course, so that we prepare enough materials.

Central Bible Church is located behind Sullivan Hardware at 8889B Sullivan Rd. And you can find out more about the church by visiting our website at

We hope to see you there!

Nicholas LeBlanc

Pastor, Central Bible Church
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