CCA: Moving Forward in the New Year

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Submitted by Betsy Hooper
The Central Community Alliance (CCA) announces its Board of Directors for 2012.  Harry Rauls will continue to serve as Chairman, Jay Watson Vice Chairman, Betsy Hooper, Secretary/Treasurer.  Other Directors are Vicki Carney, Joan Lansing, Lee Rome, and Wayne Messina.
The Central Community Alliance (CCA) was organized in March 2001 prior to organization of the City of Central which occurred in 2005.  The purpose of the CCA was to provide a forum for the Citizens of the Central Community to unite and address common problems.  Restructured in 2006, the mission continued basically the same, to provide a neutral and informational conduit to/from City Officials and  City of Central Citizens.  The Mission is “To serve and assist the City of Central and to facilitate communications between the City of Central and its citizens, businesses, service organizations, Churches, and Schools.
Membership is open to the public. New members are invited and welcome.  Membership meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at DEMCO on Wax Road at 7 PM.  The meeting on February 21st will be the annual Legislative Update with information provided by our local state legislators.  Scheduled to attend are Senators Erdey and White, and Representatives Richardson and Hodges. 
We invite the public to join and participate.  For further information, attend a meeting or see the CCA website, 
    The Central Community Alliance will host their annual Legislative Update at the February 21st meeting.  Presenting information and updates about current and proposed legislation will be Senators Erdey and White and Representatives Hodges and Richardson.
    The public is invited.  The meeting begins at 7 PM at the DEMCO building at 16261 Wax Road.
Areas of Focus
Communication: Exchange of information among interested parties 
    – Regular meetings with City officials and outside speakers 
    – Special meetings on specific issues 
    – E-mails, telephone lists, interactive website 
Service: Provide resources to meet needs in the community as identified 
    – Help with identification, communication, promotion, participation 
    – Citizens groups, charities, City resource supplement 
    – Examples: Cooking for Our Kids, school fix up days, grant writing 
Organization: Administration and infrastructure to carry out the mission 
    – Board of Directors, leaders, members working together and with City 
    – Bylaws and policies consistent with mission 
    – Meetings, committees, finances, internal & external communication 
Membership: Citizens and/or groups meeting membership guidelines 
    – Individual residents 
    – Homeowner associations 
    – Benefits include access to information, voting rights 
Public Relations: Identification, presentation, and promotion of CCA 
    – Creating and maintaining a positive image 
    – Informing the community of CCA activities and value 
    – Provide reasons to get involved 

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