Say it Again… “Coach Sid”: Sid Edwards Returns as Wildcat Head Football Coach

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By Dave Freneaux
    Sid Edwards has been named Head Football Coach for Central High School.  He will also remain as Athletic Director for the Central Community School System.  Coach Sid came to Central in 2005 as an assistant and returned as head coach from 2007 through 2009, compiling a 30-7 record including two district titles and making it to the state quarterfinals and the state semifinals.  Coach Sid now is back at the helm with a Wildcat team that owns a four year string of district titles.  Coach Sid sat with Central Speaks and shared some thoughts earlier this week and offered the following insights:
Two years of not coaching had to have gotten you thinking about your next coaching job.  What is your dream job?  
“Central High School.  If I got to go into the duck pond and pick my job, well I’m looking for the duck with Central on it.  That is the duck I want.  This is where I want to be.”
What are your goals for this next year?  
“I want to win every game.  I want to win every playoff game.  I want to go to the Superdome and I want to win the state championship, a 5-A state championship, which is the highest level state championship, and that’s all things I want.  How awesome would that be?  But, it would cheapen my profession and cheapen my worth and cheapen the worth of our young men if that is THE goal.  Our goal is to have a comprehensive football program that includes and involves our players, our coaches, our families, our fans, our administration, Central office, the kindergartner at Bellingrath, the flute player, the band, the silks, the kittens, the cheerleaders, the pride, we have a new group called the steppers.  That is our football program.  The goal is to bring all of that together, and on Friday night it culminates with a big party.  That is the celebration.  Those 10 Friday nights are celebrations, but, win lose or draw, we will not be defined by whether we go to the Superdome or not.”
What would you say is your coaching philosophy?  
“I’m going to tell you how I coach.  I have a goal today, and I’ll be darned if I’m not going to accomplish it today.  Today, I am going to win a state championship.  I’m winning one today.  I win them one at a time.  It is going to present itself.  There may be one of my football players having a tough time at home.  Maybe I’ll find out one of them has been drinking.  I’m going to make a difference in somebody’s life today.  That is a mini state championship, to go in and touch somebody.  We win state championships every day.”  
We have seen different uniforms, logos and colors in recent years.  What are your thoughts on tradition?  
“I’m a Powercat guy.  When you look at tradition, it depends on who you talk to.  The Powercat has been around for maybe 8 or 10 years.  But it has become the Symbol of Central High School, I think an overwhelming symbol, and that’s what I’m about.  The colors of the uniforms, we are maroon, white and silver, but you will see black again.  For the young men who play the game, the guys that are on the field, they enjoy that fresh different look on special occasions.  There is a balance.  I want to meld the ghosts of the past with Wildcats of the future.  I want to be able to honor traditions and honor the ghosts of the past and for them to feel connected, while being a little liberal and dipping my toes into the excitement of things kids like.
What have you learned in two years as the AD, not coaching?  
“What has helped me is being on that 5 yard line for the last 25 games.  I have learned more from that 5 yard line watching.  A game is frantic and a kid makes a mistake.  To be able to see, for the first time in 30 years of coaching, the young man come off the field, watch the exchange with the coach, positive or negative, then to watch him go behind the team and being able to see the elation and being able to see the deep sorrow and disappointment when they come off.  I have learned so much more about the kids.”
Any more thoughts to share with the community?  
“I am excited and my door is always open like it has been for the community.  We want this to be a community team.  These are our boys, OURS, and I want everybody to feel that way.  Our football program will be about more than just 10 Friday nights.  It will be about character, class, togetherness and family.”

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  1. Nancy Blount

    January 27, 2012 at 9:00 am

    I especially loved this quote from Coach Sid in the last two sentences of this article, “Our football program will be about more than just 10 Friday nights. It will be about character, class, togetherness and family.”
    Go, Coach Sid!

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