Roadwork this Week in Central

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Roadwork this week (expect temporary lane closures): 

2/6 – 2/7: Landmor Dr between Abundance and Lindsey Neal Dr.

2/7 – 2/8: N. Sheridane between W. Sheridance and Bridgeport Dr

2/7 – 2/8: Bridgeport Dr between S. Sheridane Ct and Landmor Dr

2/8 – 2/9: Tallowwood Ave between Partridgewood and Lancewood

2/9 – 2/10: E. Brookside approx. 200' south of Wax Rd

2/9 – 2/10: Shannon Dr between Roanoke Ave. and Brent Ave.

This roadwork is associated with the City-Parish Sewer Program to upgrade sewer lines.

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