CHS Bowling Takes First Win of the Season

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                The Central High Varsity Bowling Team (0-4) came up just a little short against Catholic High (3-0) this past Thursday (2-2-12) losing 9-18.  In Central High’s bowling program history, Central has never defeated Catholic High.  Even with the loss, Central bowled Catholic tough and almost pulled off the upset.

                Central fell behind early after losing Game 1, 3-5 and Total Pins 769 to 876.  Central’s high powered 1-2 punch started off strong with Bryan Waites (Junior) bowling a 195 and Jacob Garretson (Freshman) with a 189.  The pair would continue their good bowling into Game 2.  In Game 2, Waites was once again the top Wildcat with a 196, Garretson followed with a 185 and Sean Murphy (Sophomore) chipped in a 155.  Central rallied to win Game 2 and won 5-3 (807-708 in Total Pins).  Going into the Game 3, Central and Catholic were tied 8-8 and Central trailed by only 8 pins in the Total Pins category.

                Even though Central had all the momentum going into Game 3, Catholic decided they weren’t ready to let Central have any bragging rights.  Catholic shut down Central’s attempt at getting their 1st win of the season by winning Game 3, 7-1 and Total Pins 889-764.  Lindsey Giacone (Senior) was the lone Wildcat to earn a point.

                In the end, Catholic won 18-9 and won the Total Pins battle, 2473-2340 (the lowest team series Central has bowled in any match this season).  Central was led by Bryan Waites with a 550 series and 196 game.  Catholic has a couple talented arms as well.  The Bears were led by Mike Zielewski with a 545 series and a 212, along with Curtis Westmoland (who leads the Bears in average with a 185) rolled a 190 game.



                Without a doubt Central High (1-4) struggled this past Monday afternoon (2-6-12) against Woodlawn (0-4), but came away with their first victory of the season, 15-12!  The match was close from the beginning to the end.  In fact, the match wasn’t decided until the final Wildcat bowled his tenth frame and that clutch Wildcat who sealed the victory was somewhat of a surprise.

                Central got off to a disappointing start in Game 1 by falling behind 2-6 and 787-798 in Total Pins.  Only one Wildcat managed to bowl his/her average.  Kevin Kennedy (Sophomore) rolled 24 pins over average to help the Wildcats keep the match close.  In Game 2, the Wildcats fought back and found themselves winning Game 2, 6-2 and 826-797 in Total Pins.  Once again, Kennedy was the Wildcat most over average.  The Wildcats would go into Game 3 tied 8-8 and up 18 in very Total Pins category.  Twice last week the Wildcats were in this exact situation.  Unfortunately, both times Central High lost Game 3 and ultimately the matches to Denham Springs High and Catholic High.  But this time Central decided it was time to finish a match and defeat Woodlawn.

                The Match came down to Total Pins and the bonus 3 points a team gets when winning that portion of the match.  In Game 3, Central would actually lose 4 of the 6 individual points, but win Total Pins 792-737.  Jacob Garretson (Freshman) would lead the Wildcats with a 191 and help Central put a victory in the win column.  But at the end of the match, one Wildcat would have to come through in the clutch to seal the victory.  Kevin Kennedy put nerves aside and became Central’s hero for the day.  Needing every pin possible Kennedy threw 4 strikes (starting in the 9th Frame) in a row to clinch the match and victory. 

                Overall, Kennedy led the Wildcats by being 52 pins over average and Garretson was high on the team with 515 series and a 191 game.  Woodlawn was led by Kyle Moss with a 548 series and a 195 game.  Central will try to find a winning streak this Thursday (2-9-12) at All Star Lanes at 3:20pm against Baton Rouge High (1-3).



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