The C4 Report

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From the Central Chamber of Commerce
    The City of Central Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the start of an informative and ongoing newspaper article.  Many people in the community and in business often ask the question, “What does the Chamber do?”  Through these articles, we hope to inform the public as to what the Chamber does and to also report on the many activities and events that we sponsor and take part in.
    Just over 6 years ago, built on the foundation of the Central Area Business Association known as CABA, The City of Central Chamber of Commerce was incorporated.  The Central Chamber is excited to have the opportunity to support and promote our local businesses and the general well being of our great community.  Our members, the back bone of our organization, work diligently to provide a strong and vibrant community of commerce for our city.  We look forward to answering your questions about the Central Chamber and invite you to become a part of this great member supported organization.   
Next week we answer the question, “What’s with the C4?”       

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