9th Grade Academy May be Moved – Public Meetings Scheduled

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    Each of the next two Thursdays the public will be invited to join in the discussion of how best to house the 9th grade academy currently at Central High School.  On March 15th and 22nd there will be School Board "Committee of the Whole" meetings at which information will be presented.  Board members and the public will be given an opportunity to give input and ask questions.
    The meetings will be held at Tanglewood Elementary at 6pm each Thursday.  The first question to be answered will be whether there is a need, academically and from a facilities perspective, to make the move.  Depending on the answer to that question, the issues of where to house the 9th grade and how to solve logistics problems such a move may cause will then be considered.  Mr Faulk will present options to consider for housing the 9th grade academy, whether or not the academy remains at the High School.
    Superintendent Faulk shared that there are varied reasons to consider the move, including the current use of T-Buildings to house the growing population at the High School.  The most important issue, according to Mr. Faulk, is to ensure a quality education for the students.  He intends to take this process one step at a time, and has allowed three meetings to work through the issues.  The questions the Superintendent plans to address first are Why? and Why Not?
   Mr. Faulk stressed the importance of this being an open meeting with ample opportunity for input from parents, the public, teachers and School Board members.  These meetings are committee meetings of the School Board, so no votes can be taken and no decisions can be finalized during these meetings.

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