CMS Marketing Program Receives Educational Grant

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Submitted by Mrs. Wall
    The Central High School Marketing Program was recently awarded a $1500.00 Grant from the Marketing Educa-tion Retail Alliance (MERA). MERA was created in 2000 and is administered by the Louisiana Retailers Association. MERA grants are funded through the Louisiana Department of Economic Development under the authority of LA R.S. 47:318.
    The MERA grant was awarded to Mrs. Angie Wall’s Entrepreneurship class, a newly offered business elective course at Central High School this year. The MERA grant provided materials and equipment, specifically software and technology, for students en-rolled in the school’s Entrepreneurship class to strengthen their business decision-making skills. Students have the opportunity to work with business computer simulations that will improve their abilities to develop a business plan, start a new business venture, refine their decision making skills, and calculate their business’ profitability. The CHS Entrepreneurship class is thankful to be the recipients of the grant and is eager to apply their classroom knowledge in realistic business situations.

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