Wants or Needs?

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CENTRAL FIRST BLUE b    What do you WANT for Central, and what do you think Central NEEDS?  Agreeing that we all want lower taxes and less crime, consider for a moment what else in Central is important to you.  I break those things down into WANTS and NEEDS.
    Getting what we want or need as a community only happens when we identify those things, make them a priority, and in some cases spend the money to get them. For the moment I just want us to consider what those wants and needs are.  I’ll lead off with my top two in each category, and I will probably go into more detail on these in the next few months.
    I believe Central NEEDS for the traffic to get better, not worse.  Every zoning decision Central makes should be made in a manner that improves, not worsens, traffic. Natural growth will come to Central because we are a quiet community with good schools.  There is no need to deviate from our Master Plan to accommodate new neighborhoods, unless the roads can effectively support the additional traffic.
    I believe Central NEEDS for empty retail buildings to be occupied by successful businesses.  Consider all of the new commercial and retail space built since Central became a city. Now think about the dozens of empty retail spaces in the shopping centers at Central’s major intersections. The solution to this may be complex, but it needs to be addressed.
    I WANT Central to continually improve our school system and its facilities to educate and house Central’s children.  I believe that competitive pay for teachers and a comprehensive long-term facilities plan are the necessary first steps to accomplish this goal.
    I WANT Central to have a thriving visual and performing arts community.  Before you dismiss “performing arts” as a specialty interest, consider how many children in your extended family dance, sing, play in a band, act in a play, or paint.  Then consider how many times you have driven out of Central to see a movie, a play, a concert, or just eat dinner listening to a live band.
    Your list may differ from mine, but I think most lists will include better traffic, thriving businesses, top-notch schools, and more leisure options.  Accomplishing all these things (plus any others on your list) won’t happen overnight, but there are actions we can take now to continue working toward the future we all envision.
    So, make your list and decide what you believe are the needs and wants for Central.  Go to public meetings and express your opinion.  Call your elected officials and ask them to provide solutions. Look for your opportunity to help make the Central community what you envisioned it to be when you came here.  That would be Good News for a Great City.


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