CPD Extra Duty Questioned

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    A Baton Rouge news station last week investigated the use of City of Central Police Department vehicles outside of Central’s city limits.  The issue in question is whether the Central Police Department has met the requirements of Louisiana’s Statutes in allowing volunteer Central officers to be paid for private duty patrols.
    Louisiana Law allows for such use but requires certain conditions to be met.  LA R.S. 1123(15) reads: “The use by a duly commissioned law enforcement officer of a publicly owned law enforcement vehicle in connection with the private employment of such law enforcement officer in providing traffic control or security services for a private employer when such use is approved by and in accordance with the policy of the law enforcement officer's public employer, which policy shall be published in the official journal of the parish prior to becoming effective and shall provide for appropriate charges for the use of public vehicles for private employment.”
    The news coverage stated that Chief Salsbury admitted that no policy had been publicly advertised, but that he has no intention of making Central Police volunteers pay for the use of Central’s police cars for extra duty assignments.
    Reached for comment, Chief Salsbury assured that Central does have a written policy, but that it has not been advertised as required.  He added that the policy is in the hands of Central’s City Attorney for review to ensure that it meets state law prior to advertising.

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  1. larry Easley

    March 18, 2016 at 2:20 am

    I support the City of Central Police Dept. The volunteer officers are very much appreciated by the citizens of Central. They are voluntarily performing this civic duty to protect and serve the great citizens of Central. We should be very proud and appreciative of their voluntary services. If they have an opportunity to provide off hours, extra duty services for private pay, then by all means, I support that and their usage of their assigned vehicles. Thank you officers for your voluntary service and know that the citizens of Central are grateful for your willingness to serve and protect in a voluntary manner and without compensation!

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