Central Fire Department Holding Public Hearing on Millage Rates

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From the Central Fire Department

The Board of Commissioners of Central Fire Protection District No. 4 (“the District “) will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the District Headquarters located at 11646 Sullivan Road, Central, Louisiana 70818 to consider levying additional or increased millage rates without further voter approval or adopting the adjusted millage rates after reassessment and rolling forward to rates not to exceed the prior year’s maximum. 

The estimated amount of tax revenues to be collected in the next tax year from the increased millage rates as compared to the amount of tax revenue for the current year, and the amount of increase in taxes attributable to the millage increase are as follows for each millage:


Next Tax Year Revenues From Increased Millage

Tax Revenues

for Current


Amount of Increase in Taxes Attributable to Millage Increase

10.00  mills




5.00    mills




4.25    mills






Issued:       May 24, 2016

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