Community Shares Acts of Support with Law Enforcement

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IMG_8162b    This was found at the EBRSO Central Substation last Friday morning.  It was reputedly set up by a retired law enforcement officer.  The note reads, “We are praying for you and your fellow law enforcement officers.  Thank you for keeping us safe and all your services.  -The Community.”  The Bible on the table is open to Romans 13, which talks about submitting yourself to the governing authority which was established by God.

IMG_8183bOn Monday night, MePa’s Diner gave one of the city’s SWAT teams a home-cooked meal to say, “Thanks for all that you do!”

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  1. Teddie Hinton

    July 14, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    What a nice gesture. Why don’t we all try to do something special for our deputies every month? I’ll be happy to coordinate the effort.

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