Dr. Perry Hubbs Fulfills a Dream

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Submitted by Magnolia UMC
    Dr. Perry Hubbs, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Opelousas, Louisiana, fulfilling his dream of placing a historical marker at the location of Pride School in Pride, Louisiana.
    Dr. Hubbs graduated from Pride High School but actually attended school there for 12 years. When it was Pride High School, all 12 grades were in the same school. There were no separate elementary and high schools, the grades were all together, but the schools were called High Schools anyway. He relates how he became interested in getting a historical marker placed there:
    “The idea to put a marker on the school property came about when my kids asked if they could go see where I went to school for 12 years. I said, you can, but you will only see a field and if you don’t know exactly where it is, you won’t see it! Then it dawned on me, we need a sign out there!”
    Dr. Hubbs went through the Historical Commission, filled out the application, gathered all the information and raised all of the money to create the marker. He said it took about a year and he was very thankful for the help of the staff of the Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library.
    The last step will be the Dedication Ceremony which will be held at the Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library at 13600 Pride-Port Hudson Road in Pride, Louisiana on April 22, 2017 at 10:30 A.M. The Public is invited.  


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