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From the Central Chamber of Commerce

Submitted by Ron Erickson

    People often ask, “What are the benefits of investing in and having the City of Central Chamber of Commerce?”  “What does the Chamber do, accomplish, and provide?”  “What is the Chamber’s role in our community?”  The answer to these questions range from the tangible to the intangible and shows how the Chamber can affect the business community, the local community, the economy, individual businesses, and so much more.  Over the next several weeks, I am going to provide some answers to these questions.  
    Obviously, most of like to relate to the tangibles.  That is why, in Louisiana, we love our parades.  We don’t just stand along the streets and watch floats, bands, and marchers pass by and get a thrill out of the “atmosphere of the moment” – the intangibles.  Au contraire! We stand along the parade routes yelling, “Throw me something mister!” and thoroughly expect to catch some candy, beads, or trinkets – the tangibles.  So let’s start with some tangibles. 
    Speaking of parades, one of the largest events that takes place in our city every year, is hosted, organized, and sponsored by the City of Central Chamber of Commerce, the Christmas Festival Committee, our member sponsors, and staff.  In 2011, the Christmas Festival celebrated 25 years of operation.  Every year thousands of people take part in the Christmas Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Carnival, Crafts Show, Talent Show, and new this year – the “Miss City of Central” pageant.  As spectators line the streets, parade participants not only have a chance to, “Throw us something” but to also expose people to their business or organization.  Banners go up, a community tree is lit, and a nativity scene is put in place as the mood is set in our community for the Christmas season.  All of this is possible because of the support of the Chamber.  Now allow me a moment for a warm fuzzy intangible.
    Every year the Christmas Festival Committee chooses a Grand Marshall to lead the parade.  This year the committee chose Central long time resident Mr. Huey Kinchen.   Little did we know, that a few months later, Mr. Kinchen would pass away.  “Uncle” Huey, as many called him, served our country and our community well!  Mr. Kinchen was a World War II Veteran and was one of the founders of the Central Volunteer Fire Department, serving as its chief for 7 years.  For me, it truly was a high light of the year and the Christmas Festival Season for us to have the privilege to honor  and recognize “Uncle” Huey Kinchen.  Thanks to everyone that helped to make this year’s event so special!

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