Committee of the Whole Meets tonight at 6:00

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The Committee of the Whole will meet on Thursday, March 15,2012 at Tanglewood Elementary School, located at 9352 Rustling Oaks Avenue, Central, LA at 6:00p.m. The meeting has been called to consider the following agenda items:


1)  To receive information and take input regarding change to the Educational Structure at Central Middle School:

a.  Introduction

b.  Proposed Changes 

c.  Why Change?

d.  Anticipated Impacts

e.  Comments/Questions from the Board

f. Comments/Questions from the Public


2)  To receive information regarding various aspects of a Ninth Grade Academy, options for consideration and receive input:

a.  Introduction & Why a Ninth Grade Academy

b.  Various Aspects of the Ninth Grade Academy

c.  Options for Consideration

d.  Comments/Questions from the Board

e.  Comments/Questions from the Public

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