Neutral Grounds

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Submitted by Angie Kirby
Shane Kirby of Clinton Louisiana packed up his two sons Taft, age 14 (top), and Tate, age 12 (bottom), and headed out for opening weekend of the youth turkey hunt. They left Saturday morning and around mid-day Shane and the boys struck a gobble.  They called the bird in and neither of the boys could get a shot. Mid – day on Sunday they returned to the same spot and called the old bird up again.  This time the old tom strutted in to the decoy at 10yards. Taft, the older son, had a clean shot of the bird, but chose to let his little brother Tate take a shot at this bird.  Tate claimed this huge Tom with his 12 gauge in St. Martin Parish. Tate’s turkey was 20pounds with a 10 inch beard, 1 1/2 spurs.

The following weekend the Kirby's headed out to the woods for round two to talk to some birds. After several encounters Saturday, they were able roost a turkey for their Sunday morning hunt.  At daybreak this turkey flew straight down out the tree to the decoy.  This was the opportunity that Taft was hoping for.  While Shane called softly to this bird, Tate sat frozen with excitement watching as Taft slowly raised his shotgun up at the turkey. Taft took the shot from 15 yards.  Taft’s tom was 18 pounds with 10 inch beard and 7/8 inch spurs taken also in St. Martin Parish.

“I'm blessed with another successful year for both of my boys each getting a bird”, said Shane. With two rambunctious boys, even a trip to the grocery store can be a challenge, as they typically display "brotherly love".  So, when Shane leaves to take them in the woods together, it seems they would need a referee. “I’m always caught off guard when they get home and I listen to their stories, and I’m amazed at the generosity, and discipline these two boys seem to find for each other when it comes to hunting,” said Angie (the mother of these two boys). 

"A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."



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