Central Relay for Life Next Saturday

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By Mia Freneaux
    Last Saturday, Oak Point Fresh Market again demonstrated its community spirit by allowing the Art League of Central to take donations for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  The Art League’s members have donated 9 original works of art to the Relay, and were offering chances to win one of the paintings in exchange for a donation.  What amazed all who participated was the outpouring of generosity from our community.  Many of those who gave were obviously examples of those who have the least, yet they often gave the most.  Some were elderly, hobbling up with their donation, others young, as one twenty something young man who seemed to ignore us as he walked in the store, yet came out and emptied his pockets as he left.  A couple came by with their young sons, fresh off the ball field.  These wise parents had their children hand over the donation – a very concrete lesson on charity.  Others came with stories that they shared, some gladly, some sorrowfully.  One lady was an ovarian and cervical cancer survivor, a testimony to how far research has come.  Only a few years ago that diagnosis was a death sentence.  A gentleman had just had prostate cancer surgery that month, his prognosis was good.  Another gentleman had just lost his mother to cancer, her estate sale was that very same day.  Over and over, as they came with donations in hand, it was evident that CANCER TOUCHES ALL OF US.  All of us have, or have had, a family member or friend who has battled this awful disease.   It is donations to organizations that support research like the ACS that give those folks a chance to defeat cancer.  The ACS also offers patient support in the form of information and practical things like wigs, supplies, and transportation.  Won’t YOU consider donating your time or money to the Relay for Life on April 14?  It can truly be a “gift of life”.
    The American Cancer Society Relay for Life – April 14 at Zoar Baptist Church.  For more information contact Tommie Morden, chairperson, at 939-6096.   To make a donation and receive a chance to win a painting, contact the Art League of Central at 413-2162, or come by the office at Central Speaks at 12023 Sullivan Rd.

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