The Central Story Radio Show has Begun

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    (Central Speaks Newspaper Editor Dave Freneaux had his first “Central Speaks Radio Hour” program on Wednesday, April 4.  This press release was submitted prior to Dave’s radio debut.)
    Broadcasting live Wednesday nights from Menchies, Central Speaks Radio Hour host (and Central Speaks Publisher) Dave Freneaux says his goals are, “to reach an audience not in the habit of reading newspapers and to bring differing views on the news of the day from different members of the community.”  Freneaux says of his approach, “It will be the same (as the newspaper) in that we will look for facts and not gossip.  It will be different, as the paper cannot allow for ‘discussion’ between differing perspectives on an issue.”
    Freneaux has firmly embraced his show, Central Speaks Radio Hour, and the overall program, THE CENTRAL STORY, because he “believe(s) that the Central community will eventually have media outlets other than newspapers and the internet.  Radio will obviously come before TV, and this may be the birth of that media.  As a community member concerned about keeping the people of Central informed, where better to be than on then on the leading edge of a media new to Central.”
    Show Producer Jon Fine was extremely enthused by the prospects of THE CENTRAL STORY and Central Speaks Radio Hour.  “I think we have an outstanding line-up of shows, topics and personalities that should be very popular in the Central community.  Dave’s show has a chance to be dynamic…informative, yet entertaining.  Plus, as jealous people have said about me, Dave has the perfect looks for radio!”  Fine couldn’t be more appreciative of Freneaux’s help.  ”Dave has been a jewel, both with the coverage he has provided in Central Speaks and his great guidance, ideas and knowledge of Central.  His assistance will be a large part of whatever small success we experience.  I’m hoping people truly understand Dave’s love for and commitment to the City of Central.  I believe this will come across in Central Speaks Radio Hour.”

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