5 More Central Truths

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Commentary by Dave Freneaux
    Last week I shared what I believe are five truths about our community of Central.  Central is a Giving Community that Values Education.  Central is a Community of Faith and Does “Whatever it Takes” to overcome adversity, and we are Loyal to One Another when it counts.  We do live in a great city.  I would be hard pressed to give five more truths about Central that describe our core values so well, but there are five more that certainly describe aspects of who we are, day in and day out.
    Central is Unified Against Opposition.  The effort to create the Central Community School System had its start when concerned parents from Central went to the EBR School Board to advocate for our children.  Eventually, our School System, and even the City of Central itself, were born out of a unified effort to create better education and a better life for our children and our community.  Central has also become well known for our willingness to oppose taxes the Parish would impose which have little or no benefit to Central.  Indeed, each time I have observed any outside influence that seeks to work against Central’s best interests, Central has stood together and handled that opposition.
    Central is Rich in History.  Each time Central Speaks publishes another history article, more people come forward with wonderful collections of historical writings, documents and news.  My great grandfathers came to Central in 1922, and many families were here long before that.  Fortunately, there seems to be someone in each family who has preserved much of this heritage and will share it upon the asking.  There are so many stories of family farms, one room schoolhouses, general stores, going off to war, and so much more.  Central Speaks looks forward to helping to share and preserve that rich history.
    Central LOVES High School Football.  While families, schools and young athletes support and participate in many sports, there seems to be something magical about Friday Night Lights.  Every Friday night in the fall becomes a social event that involves literally thousands in the Central community.  Central High and Central Private games are transformed into tailgating, visiting, and complete involvement in the Football programs of our schools.  Players, Band Members, Cheerleaders, Dancers and Drill Teams spend all week preparing for three hours on ten Friday nights each fall.  At the same time, the community talks about last Friday’s game for days, until about Wednesday, when this Friday’s game becomes the subject of speculation and preparation.  Looks like 2012 will be no exception.
    Central is Conservative…and similar.  Politics has become a part of life in Central.  A price we all pay in exchange for becoming a City.  Well worth the price, but a price nonetheless.  In about 18 months candidates for City Council, Police Chief and Mayor will begin to try to tell Central voters how different they are from their opponents.  That may be an important part of getting elected, but it is largely a myth.  It is unlikely that ANYONE will run for an office in Central who is not a Conservative Christian who values Family, Education and Friends, and has high standards for Integrity and Work Ethics.  The reason for this is….that is who Central is…and that is who Central will want to elect.  Don’t be fooled by specific issues candidates will claim make them better or smarter, look instead to what these candidates do.  Actions, not campaign promises, will tell you which candidates truly represent Central.
    Central’s Younger Generations have Awakened.  There is no doubt that Central owes its very existence to all who have laid the foundations of family, education, and hard work in this community for generations.  Now, with better schools and a growing business community, Central has begun to recapture the attention of the next generation of leaders and parents.  More young voices are being heard at community meetings.  More young families are buying or building homes in Central.  A growing group called CLT, Central Leadership for Tomorrow, has become a regular presence at community events.  Many of Central’s strongest leaders, now grandparents and retiring, have shared their concern that the next generations need to step in and become our new leaders.  I believe Central’s future is in good hands.

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