Thank you CMS Students!

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Dear Central Middle School Students, Parents and Staff,
    It is such a privilege to live in a community that is so caring and supportive!  When praying for something, sometimes you get what you ask for, but other times you get so much more. Mrs. Navarro is a 7th grade Math teacher at Central Middle School. After learning that her unborn grandson has a serious medical condition, she asked her students if they would please keep him in their thoughts and prayers.
    A member of the CMS Student Council approached Mrs. Navarro and asked if the Student Council could do a fundraiser for her grandson; hesitant, she said yes. They sold red, cut-out hearts as a symbol of love and support for the Navarro family. During the 3 days of fundraising, the students and staff of Central Middle School raised almost $2,000 for Mrs. Navarro’s grandson!
    The Navarro family would like to thank the students, parents and staff of Central Middle School for their selfless generosity. We cannot express how grateful we are that God has blessed us with such a loving and supportive school and community. Your support will make our upcoming journey much easier. Thank you, again, from the bottom of  all  of our hearts!
The Navarros

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