CHS Hunting & Fishing Club Holds First Fishing Tournament

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Submitted by Kathy Goudeau
The Central High School Hunting and Fishing Club held their first annual Fishing Tournament on April 21, 2012 with weigh in being at Coach David LeSage’s house. After the fish were weighed in, they were fileted and fried for all to enjoy along with other food donated.  It was a great turn out despite the horrible weather that was being predicted, with 34 teams entering the tournament. Prizes were awarded to the top 5 teams with the most weight of their top 5 bass, the top 2 big bass and the biggest trash fish. Coming in 1st place for the most weight of the top 5 bass were Tim Boudreaux and Darrell Henson with a total weight of 20.276 pounds, 2nd place Jarod Michelli and Joseph Luster with a total weight of 14.81 pounds, 3rd place Joseph Sommers and Brandon Jordan with a total weight of 12.76 pounds, 4th place Brennon Young and Joe Vance with a total weight of 11.62 and 5th place Justin Verbois and Jake Snyder with a total weight of 9.25. 1st place for Big Bass were Tim Boudreaux and Darrell Henson with a weight of 5.5 pounds and 2nd place Michael Yarbrough and Clayton Fletcher with a weight of 3.75 pounds. Biggest trash fish was Christian Nettles and his Uncle with a weight of 6.12 pounds. Other teams were Brandon Wainwright and Kelsey Kelly, Joseph LeSage and Joshua Schrietter, Matthew Averette and Devin Dewald, Hunter Caze and Spencer Ramsey, Hunter Ashford and Chris McGowan, Ben Huckaby and Nick Mote, Ben Nelson and Roy Schnebelen, Thomas Garcia and Connor Raiford, Colby Bagget and David Alexander, Madelyn Borskey and friend, Rachel Dinger and friend, Drake Coward and friend, Cole Devillier and friend, Alex Baker and Cameron Bloomfield, Trent Butler and David Gass, John Pizzolato and Uncle, Chad Picard and Chase Campbell, Jordan Johnston and cousin, Tristan Miller and stepdad, Kagan McDonald and friend, Jeremy Lively and dad, Gaige Witt and Josh Dougay, Landon Disedare and Austin Milton, Andrew Breau and Michael Rispone, Matthew Harris and friend, Toby Baudry and friend and Jared Pourciau and Will Gore. Thanks for the overwhelming response of donors from the community, which are too numerous to name, who are greatly appreciated for their sponsorship and success of this event.  Because of their help, the teams had no entry fees for their participation in this event. All prizes were paid out with the donations that were received. Thanks also to the numerous parent and friends who showed up for the weigh in to cheer their teams on. This first annual fishing tournament was a huge success and we look forward to the next annual tournament to be hosted in Spring 2013!!

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