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Cutting of the Ribbons!

    Many times activities in our lives take place so quickly that we may miss the significance of them.  Such has been the case, at least for me, over the first five months of 2012.  There have been so many activities, events, visits, planning sessions, and the reaching of major milestones that something pretty incredible has been occurring, almost unnoticed! During our Membership Luncheon this month I made a statement that by the end of May we will have had at least twenty ribbon cuttings.  Last year we did eighteen for the whole year.  So why is this so special?
    Each time we do a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony it represents one, some or all of the following: someone has joined the chamber, someone has moved into an existing location to establish a business, or someone has built a new commercial building and businesses have moved in!
    This means that twenty businesses have joined the chamber, moved into an existing building, or built something new, just in the first five months!  Commerce is growing in Central!  What an amazing time to live in Central!  People believe enough in Central and its potential that they are willing to take the big step to start a business in Central and in some cases build a new facility in Central!  Our hats are off to all these individuals for being willing to support the growth of our economy, provide jobs, and invest in our great community!  Let’s all continue to support our community’s businesses and keep the ribbons flowing! 

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