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C4 Report – Another Benefit!

Before I give the C4 report, this weekend marks the start of the Memorial Day weekend.  We want to encourage everyone to come out to the Mayor's Annual Memorial Service, tonight at 7:00pm, at Grace UPC located at 13845 Hooper Rd., across from Wild Cat Stadium.  Freedom is not free and we should all be thankful for those who have so willingly laid down their lives so that we can enjoy the benefit of exercising our freedoms!  This is truly one benefit we all, as USA citizens, can appreciate!  In memory of their sacrifice, we honor our fallen heroes!  

Now for the C4 report.  As mentioned in one of my earlier articles, we want to make our members and the public aware of the benefits we have to offer to those who join the City of Central Chamber of Commerce.  Last week the City of Central Chamber sent out the new “Member2Member Power Cards.”  This marks the fourth benefit offered in our ever increasing Chamber Member Discount Program and many of our Chamber Members are starting to take advantage of it!  The purpose of the “Member2Member Power Cards” is to offer another benefit to our members and to encourage members and their employees to do business with other Chamber Members.  Here’s how this new benefit works. 

Member of the City of Central Chamber of Commerce will agree to offer a particular discount to our members.  These discounts will then be listed on our website under the “Member Center” tab / Member2Member Deals.  Members, offering the discount, will receive a sticker that will be placed at their place of business so as to identify them as a participating member. 

In the First Quarter- C4 Report, that was sent last week, members received a card, an application for participation, and a form to request more cards.   If you have any questions about this program, other Chamber benefits, and/or are interested in becoming a Chamber Member please do not hesitate to contact our office at 261-5818 or email us at

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